Why Do I Need A Rhode Island Accident Report?

Why Do I Need a Crash Report?

If you’ve been involved in a crash in the Ocean State, you might wonder what next steps to take. You’ve probably thought about filing a claim with the insurance company. When you do, one of the very first things you’ll be asked for is a copy of your official crash report. The State of Rhode Island Uniform Crash Report contains essential information regarding your crash. Insurance adjusters use the form to investigate and approve or deny claims. If you can’t provide an official crash report, you could be subject to financial penalties.

Rhode Island Crash Report Requirements

According to Rhode Island state law, it’s your duty to stop and report a collision if any of the following occurred as a direct result:

  • Injuries
  • Fatalities
  • Property damage over $1,000

All Rhode Island law enforcement officers are required to investigate any reportable crash and file a State of Rhode Island Uniform Crash Report.

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Common Questions About Your Rhode Island Crash Report

You should contact the local police department immediately after your accident if it occurs within city limits. If you’re involved in a collision on a freeway or interstate, contact the State Police instead. No matter what, 911 should be your first call after a crash.

If the other driver flees, try to document as much information as possible before they do so. Even if you only get a license plate number, it could be beneficial to police and insurance claims later. Never attempt to chase someone fleeing the scene of a crash. This could result in further damage or injuries.

If the other driver insists on leaving the scene before authorities arrive, gather as much information as you can before they leave –license plate, description of car, and Details like the license plate number, make and model of the car, and a physical description could help law enforcement.

Yes. You should report every accident to the police, no matter how minor it may seem. This allows law enforcement to investigate the collision and take down an official crash report.

When you file a claim after an accident, the insurance company will conduct an independent investigation. They’ll take the officer’s opinions about the cause and potential fault for the crash recorded in the report into consideration. And they’ll use it to adjust your rates and determine the type of financial settlement you receive.

Without a crash report, it could be difficult for the insurance adjuster to establish key elements of your accident, such as fault and causation. This could result in a settlement being much lower than expected or no compensation whatsoever.

Police don’t need witness accounts to file an official accident report in Rhode Island. That said, witness statements can be used as an impartial narrative of what took place, so they have great value to the claims process.

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